Exploratory Testing; LinkedIn vs Reddit #QuickRead

Find out what LinkedIn and Reddit think

qa toddy
2 min readSep 16, 2021

Break down traditional QA silos and empower developers to own quality checks.

Exploratory testing is by far a big favourite of mine. It’s a chance to release that inner creativity and just explore. I needed more than my own bias, so I jumped to LinkedIn and Reddit for more. The results may shock you.

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LinkedIn Results

A few weeks ago I jumped to LinkedIn and posted a poll asking one simple question: “Do you include Exploratory Testing as apart of your daily testing practice?”. Here are the results:

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I divided a simple YES option into two: ‘Always’ and ‘Occasionally from time to time’. The two combined accounted for 94% of the votes or 112 out of 119 votes. While 7 out of 119 voted for NO.

Reddit Results

The same ordeal as LinkedIn, I posted the same poll with a slightly different wording and asked the Reddit community: “Do you still do Exploratory Testing?”. Here are the results:

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‘Yes’ and ‘Sometimes’ combined accounted totalled 92.54% (248/268) of votes for the use of exploratory testing. While the remaining 7.46% (20/268) said no, that they don’t do exploratory testing.

These results aren’t scientific, and regardless of whether or not they believe it to be the ultimate weapon, it does show a clear indication that many testers worldwide still do favour the use of Exploratory Testing.

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